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Dr. Alicia is a Marin native.  She began working in the chiropractic field over 37 years ago. As an adolescent gymnast, she suffered pain in her knees until her sister, Dr. Lori Andreis Bergeron, introduced her to an alternative choice to the surgery and drugs she was being offered by an orthopedist; Chiropractic.  After her first adjustment to her pelvis and lumbar spine, her pain of four years went away.
Dr. Alicia began her chiropractic career as an office manager. As her interests grew    she moved into working one-on-one with patients as an exercise and physical medicine therapist.  She practiced as a certified massage therapist for six years before earning her doctorate in 1991 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in California.
Dr. Pflueger is a mother of two, who enjoys working with families of all sizes, women in all stages of pregnancy, and children of all ages.



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